BOG Candidate profile – Mike Pfleger

Photo by Colin Newell

As a member of the technical staff in the department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Victoria, Mike contributes to many projects as an electronic engineering technologist. In this capacity, Mike works closely with faculty, PEA staff and graduate and co-op students. His skills include electronic design, software development, data modeling, relational database design, and system and network administration. Basic mechanical design skills have been cultivated through recent projects and on-the-job training in 3D parametric CAD, as well as extracurricular animatronics projects. In order to complete highly complex projects in a timely fashion, Mike has exemplified a range of project management capabilities, as well as supervision of co-op students.

Prior to his position in Physics and Astronomy, Mike provided electronic and IT support for the Department of Chemistry. He was previously employed as a Technical Officer with the National Research Council of Canada at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (HIA), where he developed electronics for international optical and radio astronomy projects. In the course of his duties at HIA, Mike’s talents in the creation of hardware and software documentation, user manuals, test reports and data sheets were allowed to flourish.

Current professional activities include acting as a UVic Staff Representative for the Science and Medicine Safety Committee, and as a CUPE 951 consulting group member to the University of Victoria Sexualized Violence Policy Working Group. His extracurricular activities include camping, cooking, and captaining the team “Board Stiff” in the Victoria Mixed Tactics Darts League.

Mike is committed to conscious and intentional living, and this mindset, along with his knowledge and experience at UVic, would make him a valuable asset as staff representative on the Board of Governors.

This is a quick reminder about the UVic Board of Governors election for the non-faculty employee seat on the Board of Governors.  The election opens today at 9:00am and will close on Monday, March 13th at 4:30pm.  Casting your ballot only takes a few minutes and can be done after the polls open this morning at:

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