Collective Bargaining 2021

Collective bargaining, also called Bargaining or Negotiations, is the process used to update the Collective Agreement between CUPE 951 and the University of Victoria. Generally, the Negotiating Committee is struck prior to the expiration of the Collective Agreement. Members of that committee receive training in collective bargaining techniques and those members will work with representatives from the University to negotiate everything from contract language to benefits and salaries.

Negotiating Committee 2021:
Kirk Mercer, CUPE 951 President              250-721-8245
Ted Godwin, CUPE 951 Chief Steward  250-721-7087
Laurie Whyte (Library)                                                 250-721-7623
Michael Rheault (Law Library)                                 250-472-5081
Amy Issel (Electrical and Computer Eng.)                    250-721-8614
Sean Adams (Chemistry)                                           250-721-7203
Teresa Dixon (Childcare)                              250-721-8507
Page DeWolfe (Library)                                           250-472-4971

Pat Shade (Campus Security)                                     250-721-6556
Stephen Leckie (SCYC)                                               250-415-0342