meeting_graphic_2For a description of the roles and membership of each committee, please see the CUPE 951 By-Laws and/or the Collective Agreement where an article reference is noted.

Ad-hoc and Standing Committees are made up of only CUPE 951 members; Contract committees also include University (management) members.

Committee membership is renewed every two years; if you do not see a contact or link for a specific committee, please contact the office or an executive member.

Collective Bargaining Committee: The 2014/2015 committee stood down upon the ratification of the collective agreement.- Our bylaws describe when a new committee is struck.

Agreement Study Committee — see Collective Bargaining [currently inactive – and similar to the above]

CUPE Scholarship Committee — more information

Career Development Fund Committee (Article 26) — more information.

Communication Committee — contact Colin Newell at 6622 on campus or rnewell AT UVic DOT ca

Education Committee — contact Cathrine Jansen— more information

Election Committee [currently inactive]

Environment Committee — more information [currently inactive — seeking leaders and members]

Good and Welfare Committee – Contact Cathy Henderson

Grievance Committee — The Chief Steward (or designate) will chair this committee which is composed of the President and Chief Steward (or designates),
Deputy Chief Stewards and other officers and stewards as appropriate. For further information, Contact the Chief Steward or Deputy Chief Stewards

Health and Safety Committee (Article 29) — more information 

The Human Rights Committee — contact Dale Whitford –  This link needs more information

Job Security Committee (Article 31) — contact the Chief Steward or Deputy Chief Stewards

Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC)(Article 27) — more information

Libraries Tech and Org Change (LTOC) — contact Barbara Gordonmore information

Negotiating Committee — see Collective Bargaining [currently inactive]

Personnel Benefits & Staff Pension — contact Kara White or Stefan Grbavec — more information

Political Action — contact Ted Godwin – Link for additional information – e-Mail Ted DOT Godwin AT GMAIL DOT COM

Return to Work and Accommodation Committee — contact Arden Little –more information

Sick Benefit Bank Committee (Article 23)  — contact Helen Rezanowich – more information

Technological and Organizational Change (TOC) — contact the Chief Steward or Deputy Chief Stewards

Revised and updated by Colin Newell – August 23, 2016