The steward is primarily a problem solver. “Solving” could mean mediating a dispute between two members, talking informally to a supervisor, submitting a written grievance, or referring the problem to the union Health and Safety or Bargaining Committee. — CUPE Steward’s Handbook.

Not sure if you should call? See: When should I contact a steward? for more about what stewards do for our members.

Chief Steward:


  • Barbara Gordon            250-472-4958                                
  • Jeta Rugova-Plakolli    250-472-4545    250-588-9774(cell)
  • Bo Love                           250-472-5109    250-634-8440(cell)
  • Michael Rheault            250-472-5081    250-588-1975(cell)
  • Andrea Roszmann        250-721-8036    250-213-1397(cell)

Child Care Stewards

  • Teresa Dixon       250-721-8501   250-888-4077(cell)
  • Dale Whitford     250-721-8507   250-882-3833(cell)

Return to Work and Accommodation Officers

  • Arden Little        250-472-4593                              
  • Pat Shade            250-721-6556   250-882-2811(cell)
  • Kate Brooks        250-721-6672                               

This list of your Union Representation includes all stewards and return to work and accommodation officers.