Get Involved!

Aside from three funded positions (President, Chief Steward, and Executive Assistant), our local is run by volunteers — members just like you who stepped up to help do the work. We always need people to help as stewards, and on committees, and often have specific positions to fill. Training is available unless otherwise specified.

Here’s what’s open now (January 2018):

Treasurer (until May 2019) — this position works closely with the President and other Executive board members to create and manage the budget for the local and ensure funds are spent appropriately. It is expected that the member will attend Executive meetings (first and second Wednesday of each month; noon to 1:30) and General meetings. Time will also be required to manage bookkeeping.

Education Chair (until May 2019) — this position works closely with the President and Treasurer to help our members get the training needed to do the work of the local. It is expected that the member will attend Executive meetings and General meetings. There is a considerable email volume to this position.

Communication Chair (until May 2109) — this position coordinates communication, working closely with the Executive Assistant and the Executive Board. The time required for this position varies greatly and may be critical at certain times (e.g. during negotiations).

Trustee (until June 2018) — the three Trustees are responsible for auditing the financial records of the local each year, making suggestions for future budgets, and submitting a report to CUPE National. Trustees may attend Executive meetings and are expected to attend General Meetings.  Trustees also meet for a few afternoons each year to go through the books.

Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) member (until September 2019) — ideally the person stepping into this role has been through the JE process in the last five years and has a good understanding of what is required of our members to complete the questionnaire. A knowledge of what CUPE 951 members do across campus is also helpful. While there is a steeper learning curve for this committee, the time required is minimal — generally one two hour meeting every two to three months plus time spent helping other members who are going through the process.

Negotiating Committee members — 8 members (3 elected, 3 appointed, plus the President and Chief Steward) do the heavy lifting of assessing, suggesting changes to, and bargaining our Collective Agreement.  Every effort is made to balance the committee for diversity and representation across the work of the local. The time requirement for this committee may be significant.


Please see the Bylaws  for full details on the duties and responsibilities of CUPE 951 officers (Section 14 ) and committee members (Section 18).