Salary Schedules

As a CUPE 951 member, your salary schedule is negotiated during collective bargaining and is outlined in the Collective Agreement.

You may notice that the salary schedules of April 1, 2024 does not include the cost of living adjustment (COLA) of up to 1%. This is contingent on the “annualized average of BC CPI (consumer price index) over twelve months” from March 2023- February 2024. If CPI is 3% or higher, the COLA of 1% will be added to the 2% GWI (general wage increase) on April 1, 2024.

Salary Schedule ‘A’ 2022-2024

Salary Schedule ‘A’ Equivalent Hourly 2022-2024

Salary Schedule ‘B’ Technicians 2022-2024

Child Care Workers 2022-2024