Libraries Tech & Org Change Committee

Photo of McPherson Library entrance by Cheryl DeWolfeLibraries Technical and Organizational Change Committee (LTOCC) is a joint (labour/management) committee created to assist in TOC issues in the UVic Libraries. For more information please contact co-chair Barbara Gordon. The terms are as follows:

Terms of Reference

1. To resolve, within the terms of the UVic/CUPE 951 Collective Agreement, any issues that may arise out of organizational and systems change at the University of Victoria Libraries.
2. To examine and discuss the underlying philosophy and rationale for organizational and systems change.
3. To involve Library support staff in the Libraries’ goal-setting process, and in decisions to be made regarding changes to Library operations, organization, and staff reassignments.
4. To determine the most effective means of introducing change with the least disruption to library services.
5. To monitor Libraries’ staff training and development programs for CUPE 951.
6. To encourage improved communications at all levels in the library organization.
7. To address other concerns related to organizational and systems change.

1. The Committee as a whole will normally meet once every two months.
2. The co-chairs will meet between meetings of the Committee as a whole no less frequently than once every two months to prepare the agenda.
3. If necessary and appropriate, the Committee will refer contract violations and grievances and other problems as needed to the appropriate labour/management committee.
Last updated: March 3, 2002