CUPE 951 Nomination Form

At today’s General Meeting nomination forms were made available for members seeking to run for office at our May 27th General Meeting.

If you are interested in nominating someone or being nominated yourself the form is found here: CUPE 951 Nominations 2015

The positions that are up for election are:

Executive Board – election May 27 GM for a two-year term starting at the June GM

Vice President
2nd Vice President
Chief Steward
Education Committee Chair
Communications Committee Chair
Members-at-Large (2)

Trustees – election May 27 for terms starting at the June GM as follows:

Trustee (2 year term) – position currently held by Cathrine Jansen should have been up for election in 2014 – we missed this one
Trustee (3 year term) – position currently held by Al Wiebe


A member may accept the nomination for only one position. If nominated for more than one position the member will be asked to choose which is the priority for them.

A member who runs for a position and is unsuccessful at the elections may “drop down” and be nominated for a different position.


Our Bylaws require that nominated members must have attended 50% of the meetings in the year leading up to the May 27 meeting.

This means that if you have attended 5 meetings or more between May 2014 and May 2015 then you will be eligible for office.

With 4 more meetings ahead of us (Feb, Mar, Apr, May) each of those meetings contributes to eligibility.

Where no eligible member is nominated for a position, then a member who has not attended 5 meetings may be nominated.

Please direct questions about the elections process to our Executive Assistant Kira Bradley and she will either answer them or forward them to:

Elections Committee: Stefan Grbavec, Sheila Wheaton, Michael Gaudet



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