CUPE-BC 2016 Photos short report

CUPE BC Convention 2016 was a well attended and very busy event! This is the 1st CUPE BC Convention for me since 1992 or 1993! It was great to be back – actually saw one or two familiar faces from so long ago — and lots of new faces too!

There is nothing quite like a large gathering of like minded activists – and there was so much ground to cover – there were approximately 500 delegates representing several dozen locals around British Columbia.
We help on to quorum until adjournment on Saturday afternoon at 4 PM – and even won an election for alternate regional Vice President (congratulations Brother Kirk Mercer!)

A more comprehensive report to follow shortly!

As usual, in addition to staying on top of social media, I moved around as much as possible with my Canon EOS-30D (with original pistol grip and Vivitar 285HV Flash unit that would have served me at convention from the early 90’s!) and stay out of the way of CUPE hired pro photog Joshua Berson – who, to his credit, never stopped moving the entire time he was there. Well done Josh! More to come.