Draft policies going for vote at the Feb. 24th General Meeting


February 24 GM – Your vote is needed. Join us.

Some documents for reading that will be voted on at the next general meeting. These are revisions to policies and procedures that need approval of the general membership – please read them over and ask any questions if something is not entirely clear. That is what we are here for.

The February General Meeting is in the Clearihue building – Room A202.

From our President Kara White: The Policy changes are up for vote at the next GM. The Union policies are a guide to how the union spends your dues as well as gives a guide to the executive of how financial matters should be addressed. This is where the members have a say in the daily running of the local. The resolutions (I think you already posted) are a way the local can speak to CUPE BC on where priorities should be. What areas are of concern and what proposals we as a local think that CUPE BC should do for us.

The over-view of changes: 2015 Policies Draft Feb 2016 +
The Skinny on: CUPE 951 – Summary for Draft Policies and Procedures Feb 2016