FAQs Ratification Vote 2020

Questions will continue to be posted as they arise; please check back regularly for updates.


To cast a vote, will members be required to complete a registration form?

ANSWER: You will receive an email from Simply Voting in this you will be given a random password and be required to authenticate your identity by providing your UVic personal email on the CUPE951.simplyvoting.com website. Then procced to cast your E ballot.

Will the site be safeguarded, and privacy protected?

ANSWER: When the voter submits a ballot, the results are encrypted and kept anonymous

I do not have a home computer or device to vote, is there another option?

ANSWER: For members with no access to a computer or device, you may follow the instructions below to vote via telephone 250-886-1256.  Please note; this phone may be answered and you will be directed to call back for voicemail. 

  • Speak slowly and clear
  • Provide your first and last name
  • Provide your UVic personal email
  • Indicate whether or not you are in favour of ratifying the proposed Memorandum of Settlement by saying either ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.


Regarding LOA #20, will you clarify what is meant by “big base” and where does it come from?

ANSWER:  “Big Base” is the University’s total budget for CUPE 951 wages and benefits (including things like sick leave and vacation); the figure is supplied to us by the University.


When will we get our increase and retro pay?

ANSWER: Payroll will do their best to get those as soon as possible. We hope that the increases going forward will start with mid-month pay on April 15th. We expect the retroactive pay will take until the end of the month at the earliest.

I was on an unpaid leave for part of 2019 – will this affect my retro payment?

ANSWER: Yes, your retro payment will be pro-rated for the length of your unpaid leave. Payroll will calculate the amount of the pro-ration.

I was on Sick Bank for 6 weeks during 2019 –will this affect my retro payment?

ANSWER: No, as long as you continued to receive your full wages, your retro payment should not be affected.

I am currently on a reduced FTE as an accommodation for child care, will this affect my retro payment?

ANSWER: The effect on your reduced FTE will depend on when you began the reduction. Your retro payment will be pro-rated beginning from the start of your reduced FTE. Payroll will calculate the amount of the pro-ration.

I am currently on a maternity leave that began June 13, 2019. How will this affect my retro payment and/or my wage increase?

ANSWER: Human Rights legislation protects employees on maternity/parental leave from any form of discrimination. Therefore your retro payment and your wage increase should not be negatively affected by the fact that you are on a maternity leave.

When we receive our wage increase, it will increase our income for income tax purposes. Will Payroll automatically increase the amount of money they deduct from our pay cheques for income tax?

ANSWER: Payroll does this any time there is an increase in pay. Income taxes are deducted based on percentages, not fixed amounts.

I was hired February 15, 2020 and am scheduled to complete my probation April 17, 2020. Can I expect to receive any retro payment? Will I receive my wage increase at the same time as everyone else? What happens if my probation period is extended? What happens if I don’t pass my probation?

ANSWER: As you were working for part of the period between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020, you should receive a pro-rated retro payment. Payroll will calculate the amount of the pro-ration. If your probation is extended, it should not make any difference to your retro payment or your wage increase. If you do not pass your probation, you should still receive your pro-rated retro payment and wage increase to the end of your employment.


How much is the increase in the dental benefits and what does “No Cap” mean?

ANSWER: Plan A, of the Dental Plan has been increased from 85% to 90% coverage. This means your dental cleanings, fillings and other basic dental work.  Plan B, Crowns, bridges and prosthetic has been increased from 65% to 70% coverage. Part C, Orthodontics has been increased from 50% to 60%coverage. There was a lifetime cap on the amount of money one is reimbursed for Extended Health Benefits (EHB) such as prescriptions. That cap has now been removed.