Sick Benefit Bank

The Sick Benefit Bank is a resource available to all regular members of CUPE 951 who are in need of sick time in excess of their annual allotment due to an extended illness, injury or disability. Every member contributes to the fund — each year you will note a small amount of your personal allotment is contributed to the fund — and the Sick Benefit Bank committee uses this fund when members apply using the form below.

Please be advised that Members are not required to use up their vacation entitlements before applying to the Sick Benefit bank.

Please return Sick Bank Application with a Physician’s Certificate or doctor’s note to and cc

About the committee:

A committee established under Article 23 to assist in absences due to extended illness or disability. The committee will consist of six (6) members, three (3) of whom will be elected at the General Meeting in May of each year. The committee will meet regularly every month to consider carefully every application to the Bank. Four signatures will be required to authorize the payment of days to applicants whose applications meet the requirements of the Sick Benefit Bank Policy. The committee will notify in writing all applicants to the Bank of the outcome of their claims. They will report regularly to the membership, make recommendations to the Executive Board for improvements to the Bank, and seek the membership’s approval for any amendments to the Sick Benefit Bank Policy.

Current Sick Benefit Bank Committee:

  • Amy Issel, Committee Chair
  • Ashleigh Carlsen
  • Nykita Downie
  • Stephen Leckie
  • Michael Rheault
  • Andrea Roszmann