Survey – 50th Anniversary SWAG

SWAG stands for “stuff we all get” and is shorthand for promotional materials like travel bags and mugs. In the past we have had canvas bags, small flashlights, pins, mugs, and more. We want to know what YOU would like to see to commemorate our 50th Anniversary. Costs for each of these items vary but for now, we just want to know what you would most proudly use!

The survey is online at Fluid Surveys: 50th Anniversary Products

For reference, here are the images to go along with the options:

300-300-WB28-b  bikeseat300-300-Drawstring-backpack-1





active water bottle, bicycle seat cover, drawstring backpack,







flashlight (business card size), folding tote, key fob,







lunch bag insulated, lunch bag, pens (biodegradable),






travel mug, umbrella (compact), USB flash drive,





Vertical thin card holder.


Take the survey now! Thanks 🙂

And if you decide the answer is “none of the above” — either because we left out an obvious choice or you’d prefer to see money spent differently for our 50th Anniversary — please contact the treasurer or communications chair or any member of the Executive board with your feedback.