Toiletries Needed for Welcome Kits

This year at the June BBQ, the Good & Welfare committee will be collecting toiletries for welcome kits for Victoria Women’s Transition House Society:

A welcome kit is a pack of toiletries placed in bedrooms for new residents when they arrive at the Emergency Shelter. Each kit contains basic items for use by the women and their children during their stay at the Shelter, which is often up to 30 days.

Separate welcome kits are created for children, so that they also get to feel a little pampered too, right from the start! The basic welcome kits contain the following new and unopened items:

Basic Welcome Kit

  • Bar soap
  • Full size skin lotion
  • Hair brush and comb
  • Full size shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothbrushes and full size toothpaste
  • Kleenex tissues
  • Tampons, Pads & Panty Liners

Other items can be added to the basic kit to spice things up, and add a bit of extra pampering:

  • Razors,  Bath salts, Face cloths, Nail files & buffers, Sunscreen, Hand wipes

Children’s Welcome Kits

It’s easy to make these kits special for the children at the Shelter! Have fun and add some cool, kid friendly items:

  • Child themed products
  • Full Size No tears shampoo and conditioner
  • Full Size bubble bath
  • Kid-friendly toothpaste and soft toothbrushes.

There are lots of ways to package and present these Welcome Kits. Enclosed in a zip lock bag, tucked into a pretty cloth pouch, or all tied up with a bow in a gift bag, we are very grateful – and so are the women and children who receive them!

Printable poster: Welcome Kits_June2018 (Word Docx)