When should I contact a steward?

Stewards are problem-solvers and advocates; they are trained to help members through crises but also to answer questions about the Collective Agreement (contract), about rights and benefits, and to be the eyes and ears of the local.

You should contact a steward if:

  • you don’t understand part of the contract
  • you have questions about your benefits or rights
  • you think your rights under the contract have been denied, ignored, or undermined
  • you have been called to a meeting with management that may impact the terms of your employment
  • you receive notice regarding a change to your employment
  • you are called to a disciplinary meeting
  • you are being harassed or made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace
  • you have a conflict with another member or a manager
  • you believe that union work is being privatized, contracted out, or being assigned to or completed by workers outside the union
  • you are interested in volunteering as a steward

A list of current stewards is available on the website or you can contact the office to be put in touch with someone. Unlike some locals, CUPE 951 does not have “shop stewards” who represent specific groups of workers or are assigned to specific buildings, although we do have Child Care stewards who are specifically trained to deal with issues in that work group.