CUPE 951 Bylaws

Local Bylaws outline the roles and responsibilities of members, and determine how elections are run. They are designed to supplement but not contradict the CUPE National Constitution. For that reason, whenever the Constitution is updated (typically following convention) we will check to see if any portion of our Bylaws need to be updated. All changes to Bylaws need a 2/3 majority to pass and then must be submitted to National for approval.

The Bylaws are divided into sections that govern the local as follows:

Section 1: Name
Section 2: Principles and Objectives
Section 3: Definition of a Member
Section 4: Membership Meetings
Section 5: Voting Procedures
Section 6: Fees, Dues, and Assessments
Section 7: Eligibility for Office
Section 8: Election of Executive Board Members and Trustees
Section 9: Appointment and Ratification of Officers and Stewards
Section 10: Absences, Vacancies and By-Elections
Section 11: Installation of Officers and Stewards
Section 12: Terms of Office
Section 13: Executive Board
Section 14: Duties of Officers and Stewards
Section 15: Out of Pocket Expenses
Section 16: Union Staffing and Clerical Assistance
Section 17: Delegates
Section 18: Committees

The current Bylaws (as approved by the membership and by CUPE National) are available in full for download:

CUPE 951 ByLaws April 2023

Upcoming: Proposed Bylaw Changes Jan 2024