CUPE 951 By-Laws

The By-Laws are divided into sections that govern the local as follows:

Section 1: Name
Section 2: Principles and Objectives
Section 3: Definition of a Member
Section 4: Membership Meetings
Section 5: Voting Procedures
Section 6: Fees, Dues, and Assessments
Section 7: Eligibility for Office
Section 8: Election of Executive Board Members and Trustees
Section 9: Appointment and Ratification of Officers and Stewards
Section 10: Absences, Vacancies and By-Elections
Section 11: Installation of Officers and Stewards
Section 12: Terms of Office
Section 13: Executive Board
Section 14: Duties of Officers and Stewards
Section 15: Out of Pocket Expenses
Section 16: Union Staffing and Clerical Assistance
Section 17: Delegates
Section 18: Committees

The current By-Laws (as approved by the membership and by CUPE National) are available in full for download:

CUPE 951 ByLaws April 2023