Joint Job Appeals Committee

The Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) regularly reviews positions to ensure that members are paid for the work they do. Jobs are assessed based on the required duties and responsibilities and a pay grade is assigned. If your job is new, it should be reviewed after the first 6 months of employment. Anyone may also request a review if duties or responsibilities are added, removed, or are in any way adjusted. All jobs are subject to regular audits to maintain integrity of the system.

The JJEC consists of representatives from the University and the Union — three from each, as appointed by respective sides. In accordance with theĀ  Collective Agreement all initial ratings and reconsiderations are managed by HR representatives. The committee as a whole (Joint Job Appeals Committee) meets as needed to hear appeals and discuss other matters.

Current 951 representatives:
  • Nykita Downie, Susie Dancer, Kirk Mercer

Forms and guidelines can be found at the Human Resources page for Job Evaluation (see “Related Forms”).

Please note that any email sent to the address address is sent to the joint committee — both union/staff and HR/management members have access to that account.

If you have questions about the process or timelines, please contact a 951 representative directly.

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