Health and Safety

Health and Safety officers are trained to identify potential hazards through workplace inspections and reports, to investigate workplace accidents and injuries, to follow up with the injured worker, and to support them through any claim that may be filed with WCB or ICBC.

You should contact a Health & Safety Officer if:

  • There has been an accident or injury in the workplace
  • You feel you are being asked to perform duties that are unsafe or work in an environment that is unsafe — you have the “right to refuse unsafe work
  • You are required to fill out forms for a WCB or ICBC claim due to a work-related injury or accident
  • You need help adjusting or replacing your office equipment in order to prevent injuries
  • You have been assigned to a Building Safety Committee and need resources or training
  • You have any question related to workplace safety or health

For more information, please contact a Health and Safety officer and see Article 29 of the Collective Agreement.

CUPE National Health and Safety also has resources and information online.