Career Development Fund

Under Article 26 of the Collective Agreement, the Career Development Fund Committee was “established to consider and deal with funding requests from members for their career development.” Each of the parties (the University and CUPE 951) contributes $1.00 per month per regular employee to replenish the fund.

The fund was established in May 1981 by a Letter of Understanding between CUPE 951 and the University of Victoria to provide employees with training opportunities to facilitate their career advancement within the University but that are not related to their current position. 

All regular members of CUPE Local 951 are eligible to apply.

Professional Development information and Career Development Application, linked from UVic Human Resources.  The CUPE co-chair is Louise Peters.


Sharyl Yore Award

“One or more awards are given to members of the University of Victoria Office and Technical and Child Care staff who hold a regular appointment, have completed their probationary period and are taking classes in order to pursue a UVic degree, diploma or certificate.

First preference will be given to Exempt staff and second preference is given to members of CUPE 951 whose tuition and book costs are not fully covered by benefits received from the Career Development Fund.”

Sharyl Yore Award application form available through Graduate Studies.