Career Development Fund

Under Article 26 of the Collective Agreement, the Career Development Fund Committee was “established to consider and deal with funding requests from members for their career development.” Each of the parties (the University and CUPE 951) contributes $1.00 per month per regular employee to replenish the fund.

The fund was established in May 1981 by a Letter of Understanding between CUPE 951 and the University of Victoria to provide employees with training opportunities to facilitate their career advancement within the University but that are not related to their current position. 

In 2022 a significant upgrade was negotiated through a Letter of Agreement increasing the scope of the award, the amount of funding available per individual, and expanding the way those funds may be applied. There is however a cap on how much funding is available each year. We are still assessing how to best distribute this funding equitably and welcome feedback.

All regular members of CUPE Local 951 are eligible to apply.

More detail and all related forms may be accessed through Professional Development via UVic Human Resources, or you can reach out to with any questions.


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