Canadian Mental Health Association: Canada can do better

mourning-ribbonSince 1984, Canada has observed the national Day of Mourning on April 28. The day honours the memory of workers who have been killed, injured, or suffered illness as a result of work-related incidents. The Canadian Mental Health Association would like to recognize the many workers who have lost their lives or who have been injured on the job. We would also like to acknowledge the many workers whose psychological health has been negatively impacted by the workplace, and who may or may not be represented in the statistics presented.

This year, we lost an important CMHA volunteer, firefighter Kevin Hegarty, who spoke at the Bottom Line Conference and took part in workshops with front line workers. He shared his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder in the hopes that he could help others move beyond fear and shame, and access help early. Let his passing be a reminder to all of us that the struggle is never over. We have more to do, and Canada can do better. Join us in creating physically and psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.

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