Draft Revised Bylaws

For the past two and a half years, a committee has been working to revise our Bylaws, last updated in 2012.

We will be holding a Special General Meeting (SGM) this summer in order to discuss and vote on these Bylaws, which will then need to be submitted to CUPE National for approval.

Please take some time to read through these annotated Bylaws — the committee’s reasoning for the changes is in red italic text following each section. Struck language has been crossed out, new wording is underlined. In some cases, sections have been struck out in full in order to reformat them for easier reading. Some of these changes bring us in line with other CUPE locals or with the expectations that CUPE National has in place.

The committee took advice from the Executive board and from our National rep prior to completion of this draft which was an exercise in compromise all around. The Executive board has voted in favour of recommending this draft. Please watch for the meeting announcement and come out to vote so that we can deliver these Bylaws to CUPE over the summer as it may take them up to four months to return a decision.

Read the document: draft-annotated-CUPE951-ByLaws-JUN2018