In the event of a UVic closure

In the Event of University Closure due to Snow


Just a reminder to members in the event that the University closes due to inclement weather, we have language in our collective agreement that would apply. Please see Article 20.




20.01   Should the University, or an area of the University, be officially closed temporarily due to environmental conditions, utility disruptions, road conditions, or other reasons beyond the control of employees, except in the circumstances contemplated under Article 5.03, and the entitlement set out in Article 22.10 then:

            (a)  employees will continue to receive full wages, rights and benefits during the closure; or

            (b)  in the case of an area of the University being closed, and where alternate work is available in another area or department of the University, the employee will be informed if they are to be temporarily reassigned to that area or department.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Union at or via phone at 250-853-3658.


In Solidarity,

Kara White

CUPE 951 President