Greater Victoria Acting Together

hands7In May, Cheryl DeWolfe asked the Executive to be a delegate on behalf of CUPE 951 to Greater Victoria Acting Together — the board approved. The motion also approved seeking other delegates. Interested? Contact to get involved. In particular there are house meetings (basic info sessions) and the Summer Institute coming up:

Greater Victoria Acting Together Summer Institute June 24 2016: Maribeth Larkin from the Industrial Areas Foundation will discuss how working with Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT) can provide a pathway to strengthening your organization while we collectively increase our ability to shape our communities to reflect our values

What is Greater Victoria Acting Together (GVAT)?

GVAT are organizing a broad based, effective, resilient coalition to advance the common good. Priorities for action will be set collectively by member groups

GVAT is one of 85 similar groups around the world loosely affiliated with the US based Industrial Areas Foundation. 40 years ago one of the first IAF groups helped to dramatically reduce child deaths in an industrial area in Chicago. In Britain, teachers and parents worked with Citizens UK to get government to get rid of mold in their council homes that was making kids too sick to go to school. Now it is working effectively on affordable housing and immigration. The Metro Vancouver Alliance has helped the City of Vancouver and its contractors to become liveable wage employers. In Australia, New Zealand, and Germany, IAF affiliates help issue based groups, unions and faith communities to work together to advance their shared priorities.

GVAT began organizing in February. To date we have serious interest from over 50 faith groups, unions, community groups, issue based not for profits and educational organizations.  We have start-up funding. We have charitable status. We have a broadly representative sponsorship committee. We have attracted the almost full time volunteer services of 2 seasoned organizers and professional IT support. We have the confidence of a number of established leaders in the region and the curiosity of many residents.