Greater Victoria CUPE Scholarship Recipients 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 Greater Victoria CUPE Scholarship Award Recipients!

The Greater Victoria CUPE Scholarship Committee is pleased to have distributed $6300 this year to deserving students whose parents are members of 1 of the 9 CUPE locals that participate in contributing annually to the scholarship fund.

Each of the 18 post-secondary students received an award of $350 in mid-November 2013. Thank you CUPE Local 951 members for your generous contribution.

This year there were 4 scholars whose parents belong to Local 951!

The 2013 CUPE Local 951 scholarship recipients are:

  1. Mitch Hawkins (Jayne Hawkins)
  2. Luke Hawkins (Jayne Hawkins)
  3. Brandon Rossum  (Allison Rose)
  4. Reid Larsen-Larabie (Lori-Ann Larsen)

Also, congratulations go out to 3 scholars whose parents belong to Local 917)!

The 2013 CUPE Local 917 scholarship recipients are:

  1. Jonathan Courville  (Paul Courville)
  2. Kelsey Heap (Darwin Heap)
  3. Alexander Vos (Peter Vos)

Applications for these scholarships become available in June and are due September 30. Students are limited to receiving a total of 2 awards. Our CUPE 951 website will keep you updated.

For more information, please contact your GV CUPE Scholarship Committee Member for Local 951,  Lori-Ann Larsen at



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