Masterminds 2017 lecture series on harassment

“The Institute on Aging and Lifelong health at UVic is co-hosting a free evening lecture Wednesday, April 12th that I think may be of interest to the CUPE exec and membership.

 It’s called, “Defending human rights & preventing harassment: Victim, bystander and activist”.

Description: “Whether in the RCMP, the Armed Forces, in churches, schools, sports teams, our streets, workplaces and in all our various communities, human rights abuses and harassment happen around us and for many of us, these violations happen to us. Starting from my professional and personal experiences we’ll discuss some of the complexities of defining, understanding and responding. Responses are many: from organizational policies through to community action. Often we look the other way, or we literally don’t see what is happening or we don’t read that item in the news. Be brave, look, listen and learn. Together we can begin to have an informative, respectful learning exchange.” — L.P. 

Attached event poster – Masterminds with Barbara Whittington –