Bargaining Bulletin 4 (October 13, 2022)

Your Negotiating Committee is pleased to report that we have met with the University’s Bargaining Committee for the first time today, October 13, 2022. Both parties have exchanged proposal packages and are ready to meet again next week to begin discussions in more detail.

For the first time ever, we started this round of negotiations with a territorial acknowledgment to ground us in a good way, to walk the path toward reconciliation together with trust, humility, kindness, and respect. Following this, through our diverse voices, we read the CUPE Equality Statement. By these two actions, we believe the tone set today will help us to be collegial, even through hard conversations at the table.

Our next date set to meet with the employer will be October 20, 2022 where we hope to have a very productive session.

Working on your behalf, the Negotiating Committee is prepared and determined to bargain the best Collective Agreement possible.

Communication is critical. We will be sending regular updates to the CUPE 951 list serve, if you are not currently enrolled on the list serve, or you are using a role-based UVic account, it is important that you update your contact information with your personal (home) or personal UVic email address as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted communication. Please contact to update your email address.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 951’s Negotiating Committee

  • Kirk Mercer, CUPE 951 President
  • Barbara Gordon, CUPE 951 Head Steward       
  • Sean Adams
  • Page DeWolfe
  • Teresa Dixon
  • Amy Issel
  • Michael Rheault
  • Laurie Whyte
  • Pat Shade (alternate)
  • Stephen Leckie (alternate)