Information on Layoffs – Video by Chief Steward, Ted Godwin

We hope that none of our members have to experience this. and it is for information purposes only.  If you have any questions please contact Chief Steward, Ted Godwin, via email at

Below is information directly copied from our Collective Agreement.

Section C – Notice

17.04 Except where the date of layoff is established by the appointment notice, the University will give 4 weeks’ notice in the event of layoff.  After the completion of a period of employment of 4 consecutive years, employees will receive 4 weeks’ notice, and for each subsequent completed year of continuous employment, an additional week’s notice up to a maximum of 10 weeks’ notice.  The notice period will not coincide with the employee’s scheduled vacation.

Section D – Layoff Procedures, Consultation and Employee Options

17.05 (a) The layoff notice will list the options available to the employee and when possible the position(s) available for placement.  At the time layoff notice is served the employee will be entitled to meet with a Union and University representative.  This meeting will occur as soon as possible after the layoff notice has been served and in any event no later than 5 working days from date of notice.  The purpose of this meeting will be to clarify the options available to the employee.