President’s address & Run for the Cure CUPE 951 team

image001Message from the President

As summer term winds down, I hope you have had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather. I have had the pleasure to start representing the local around campus, and even had a chance to join in on some local health & safety committees. It has been a great joy to meet all the faces that make up the university community.

What has been happening in the union offices? Cleanup has officially kicked off. First up, digitizing the Health and Safety reports and job postings dating back to 1994! The offices are already showing the benefits of having space to move. One ongoing area of cleanup is the financial reporting. This year our books were balanced in record time. It is always exciting to see how much we saved as well as having a balanced budget at year end!

The Executive had our first meeting joined with a planning session on July 8th where we went over the policies, by-laws, committees, education and status of our finances. The education committee is working hard to come up with a budget that maximizes training as well as needs for the local. So far there has been a review of the Lancaster audio courses where training can come to us on campus at a much more reasonable cost to the local. These courses include Anger Management, Duty to accommodate, Family matters and much more.

One exciting piece of news is that we now have the Animal Care Assistants in our Bargaining unit. Welcome to CUPE 951! We are now officially certified as “CUPE 951: office employees, technicians, animal care assistants and child care workers, except teaching and instructing staff and professional librarians!” What a mouth full!

New this year, I am setting up a team for the Run for the Cure. Are you looking for a team to join on Oct. 4th to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation? Why not join the CUPE 951 team here on campus. Send me an email to and I will send you an invite to join our team!

Enjoy the last days of summer and I look forward to working with you through the fall.

In Solidarity,

Kara White