Remote Work Arrangements

Back on May 25, 2021 HR met with the Union to talk about the results of the employer-run survey on working remotely from home. This survey led to the creation of Remote Work Arrangements (RWA) guidelines which the Employer chose to make only on a part time basis. The Employer does not see these as affecting the terms and conditions of employment. Therefore the Union was only notified of the creation of these guidelines. This was a departure from the letter of agreement the Union had signed April 27th ,2020.  We did state that modified work week agreements that existed prior to the Covid-19 pandemic had to be a part of any new RWA. The Union is seeking a new LOA to govern these RWA, and to date nothing has been agree too.

As part of the RWA guidelines the Employer may require employees to return to the campus full time then seek to talk with the employees to see if it’s feasible. So far the information being used is not consistent across the campus and we have made HR aware of that.

In our opinion based on member’s feedback, we are concerned it’s not a fair or equitable process and we will be bringing this to the bargaining table next year.

In Solidarity

Kirk Mercer,

CUPE 951 President