The Experience of immigrant employees through theatre

1st United Metropolitan ChurchApplied Theatre students from the University of Victoria have created a performance to animate the joys and challenges of the lives of immigrant employees. Their stories capture the realities of working and living in a foreign environment where linguistic and intercultural differences can be a daily source of frustration and amusement.

After the short performance, the audience will delve deeper into this topic through a facilitated dialogue.

Where and When
First Metropolitan Church Sanctuary

932 Balmoral Rd.

March 29, 2016

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


This is a joint project between UVic Department of Applied Theatre, Immigrant Employee Support Network, Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, and Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society, under the leadership of Jin-Sun Yoon, Teaching Professor in the School of Child and Youth Care. Our goal is:

  • To validate the experiences of Immigrant employees (celebratory, humorous, challenges, discrimination, etc.)
  • To offer opportunities for non-immigrants to get insight into the experiences of immigrant employees
  • To create more equitable and culturally safe work environments from this event
  • To network with individuals and groups interested in creating more awareness and as springboard for more gatherings and events
  • To give students exposure and opportunity to work on a real live issue and perform it to a large community audience