The Surrey Teachers’ strike of 1974 – B.C. Labour Flashback

The early ’70s were heady times in Surrey education. The School Board had, by October 1973, voluntarily agreed to observe the BCTF recommended class-size limits. Staff committees were springing up and innovative practices were encouraged. There was a new, and we hoped still education-friendly, NDP government that many of us had helped to elect. Optimism reigned!

Of course, there was reaction brewing. In November 1973 Surrey elected a more conservative board replacing the left-leaning “For All Surrey Team.” Our salary arbitration award produced a 10.2% general increase and scale shortening in category six. It was not out of line with other districts but when combined with growing enrolment and the agreed-to class-size limits, Surrey’s property tax bill looked ready for a hefty increase. Not a happy prospect for a new Tory trustee!

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