Canada’s Labour Movement Meets

This week, our president is in Montreal at the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Convention. The CLC is an umbrella organization that supports the full breadth of the labour movement across Canada. For several decades, we have been under fire. Budget cuts and undemocratic legislation at every level of government have been felt by members of every union.

The CLC has been pushing back with its campaign, Together Fairness Works — you might have seen the ad “Sunny” last fall:

A second spot is running now, Lean on Me:

The theme of both is that the labour movement is supportive and strong when we work together.

The convention floor is abuzz with election talk — you can follow on Twitter with the hashtag #clc2014 — because there is stiff competition for the top job. As of Monday morning, three have stepped forward:  current CLC president Ken Georgetti; current CLC secretary-treasurer Hassan Yusuf; and UNIFOR 2025 member, Hassan Husseini. While it means some controversy at convention, it’s a hopeful sign that so many people want to lead labour through this trying time.

Looking back on labour history is a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, “The Creation of a Shared Prosperity in Canada: Unions, Corporations and Countervailing Power” While the report outlines the history, it also suggests ways that the movement can grow again.

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