Notes from Convention, part 3

photo-5-logoThe Friday session of Convention included energizing talks from Federal NDP finance critic Nathan Cullen and policy advisor for the Broadbent Group  Kathleen Monk. Both spoke to the importance of getting members out to vote.

One fact that struck me was how much power our voice has at the municipal level. There are more seats to be affected — especially in the Greater Victoria region where we have 13 municipalities plus school boards, and the CRD — than for provincial or federal elections. In the last municipal election in 2011 turnout in Victoria was an embarrassing 26.29%.

We can do better.

We will never tell you how to vote but you can expect us to talk about the election this November. Get informed. Ask questions. Find out which candidates are going to represent you and make sure you take the time to mark a ballot.

The last day of Convention started early for me with a Communicator’s Breakfast. Being in a room full of other people whose role is making sure our members get information they need in a timely manner was, again, invigorating.

As we close out the day of business, electing a trustee, and debating more resolutions, I am incredibly thankful that the local sent its full complement of delegates. Everyone took time to stand and speak at the mic, to contribute in an active way to debate. Everyone made notes, made contacts, and will bring back ideas, resources, and a renewed energy to do the work of the local.