Pacific Blue Cross Board of Directors Election

Dear CUPE 951 Member,

We are urgently requesting your support this week. Members of CUPE Local 951 have fought hard for our extended health benefits, and to access them we rely on our benefits provider, Pacific Blue Cross.

Right now, Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) plan members can vote to elect new directors to the PBC Board. As plan members, the health and well-being of you and your family are directly impacted by the decisions made by the PBC Board of Directors.

There is a lot at stake in this election. This year, Dr. Brian Day is running to be a director of the PBC Board. Dr. Day has a long and well-documented history of trying to dismantle public health care. He wants to be on the Board so he can promote his own privatization agenda, not because he has the best interests of PBC members at heart.

CUPE 1816, which represents PBC workers, has endorsed three candidates for the Board:

  • Jaime Matten
  • Dr. Patricia Gerber
  • Dr. Chuanyi (Johnny) Nie

Jaime Matten is the Executive Director of the BC Federation of Labour and has dedicated her career to fighting for workers and the community. Dr. Patricia Gerber is a pharmacist who knows the importance of secure and reliable extended health benefits to support people’s access to prescriptions. Dr. Johnny Nie is an emergency health physician in the interior. Everyday he sees that people who have access to good benefits have better health outcomes, and that is what he wants to support.

These candidates are also endorsed by CUPE BC and the BC Federation of Labour. All three of them want PBC to remain a strong, not-for-profit health insurance provider. Electing them is the best way to keep Dr. Day from joining the board and pursuing his agenda to privatize the public health care you rely on.

How to vote:

  • Voting is happening right now online via the PBC website. Click here to vote for our endorsed candidates.
  • The voting period closes Monday, June 17 at 4:30 p.m. You must vote online during this period for your vote to count.
  • To vote, you will need your Policy Number 40704 and ID Number (Uvic V number so include the two zeros at the beginning 00________), which you can find on your PBC ID card. You’ll also need your birth date.
    • If you are on an FNHA plan: in the policy number field, enter 40000. Enter your Status Card number in the ID Number field.
  • If you have trouble voting, you can contact PBC for help during business hours at 604-419-2098

Let’s make sure that PBC’s Board of Directors remains committed to prioritizing people over profits.

Vote today for Jaime Matten, Patricia Gerber, and Chuanyi (Johnny) Nie to help us protect the benefits we’ve fought so hard for.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 951 Executive.